About Me

I do things a bit differently, and that's the way I like it!

North Beach, Mocrocks, Susan Mattison, Land, Washington Coast, Pacific Ocean

Why the North Beach?

My husband and I have owned homes and forest land on the North Beach for over 25 years. There's not another place I'd rather be than walking on the untamed picturesque North Beach. We've become big fans of razor clamming and hiking in Olympic National Park.  The dramatic wind swept Sitka Spruce trees that frame the ocean views  are what originally attracted me to the area.

On my North Beach bucket list is 1) make time for fishing, and 2) start canoeing to explore the many creeks in the area.

My Story

Having had a career in global sales and marketing for a semiconductor manufacturer, I'm now interested in putting my skill set to work to influence thoughtful development in a place I adore - Washington's Pacific Coast.

With a strong sense of design and the motivation to make things happen, I'll be the catalyst to make your project a success.  I strongly believe in a team approach to help you meet your goals.